So this one's a twofer: It's a take on a net-like weapon that doesn't suck, and it's something that NPCs would believably use against a merry band of magical murderhobos who keep flouting local law.

I had a bunch of fun with the worldbuilding for this one. Where the last card I shared was the start of an artifact-themed blue deck, this one's the start of what I'm calling my 'Guild Gear' orange deck, which is all about the tools and weapons used by groups of dangerously competent NPCs. I have a ton of plans for all four decks (I might have gone a bit overboard writing background material this week...), but this deck is already shaping up to be my favorite.

The anti-magic effect is deliberately limited, as I didn't want it to become an instant-win button against spellcasters. It limits some spells but not all of them, and the hit to speed is small enough that it'll take 2-3 hits before a player character is really hurting.

This javelin is ultimately just a form of security theater, but I've found that theater is usually all it takes to reinforce the idea that there are consequences for breaking the law. The fact that it's a signature weapon for a guild of bondsmen was a deliberate choice on my part, as it makes it really easy to introduce the guild before your party gets on their bad side. Both the javelin and guild fill a handy niche, and it's easy to adapt both of them to fit specific settings.


Jan 19th: Fixed art alpha blending, added skill check to Entanglement feature.

May 18th: Template Update