You’ve found my rate sheet for D&D commissions. The rates and options described below are focused on loot cards — if you have any questions, or if you’re looking for my freelance rates, feel free to reach out to me at

Base Rates and Upgrades

For a basic item card (single item, no/limited accessories, simple design) my base rates start at $60 for flat colors, $120 for simple texturing, and $175 for detailed texturing.

Use the base rates above and the upgrades table below to estimate the total price for your commission. Don’t worry if what you’re looking for doesn’t fit perfectly into the categories provided; I can give you a more precise quote once you’ve emailed me a detailed description.

If you’d like to upgrade or enhance a commission after we’ve gotten the ball rolling, that’s totally doable! Just let me know and we’ll figure out the price difference.

Upgrade Additional Cost
Unique Card Styling +25%
Extra Accessories (Sheaths/Belts/Harnesses, etc) +25%
Additional Flat Color Variants +15% per
Additional Textured Variants +50% per
Add a Booster Card +25-50% per, depending on scope
Mannequin holding/wearing/using the item +50%
Additional Unique Items on Card +75% each
Animated Items +100%
3D Printable +50%

Payment and Delivery

Half payment up front, half on completion. I handle my commission queue based on the payment order; your place in the queue will be secured once your initial payment is received. All payments are final. Payment can be handled via Paypal or TransferWise. My email for the former is, my details for the latter depend on the currency.

The end product is delivered as a high resolution image of the card, a high resolution image of the item that is on the card, and 2-3 optional images of the item in top/side/front views that can be used as VTT tokens. If you need the card in different resolutions, need a particular bleed and margin setup for printing, or want it configured as a form-fillable PDF, let me know; that’s easy stuff.

Things You Should Know

The more information you provide about the commission, the faster I can work. Reference images are fantastic, especially when they’re annotated (and named!). Send information via email whenever possible; it’s easy to lose track of things when they're scattered between multiple communication methods.

If you want to 3D print the card art, tell me that at the very beginning. That's the sort of thing that I need to plan for in the initial design phase, and it can have a pretty big impact on how I approach the art.

One of the best things you can do to help me is to break your description down based on your priorities. I always make sure to include top priority details, but I’ll assume that things you haven’t prioritized are open to interpretation. Don’t assume that I will make the same assumptions that you would about details you haven’t included.

I’m going to interpret whatever descriptions and details you give me through the lens of my particular art style. If you have a particularly rigid and/or detailed design in mind, tell me that up front. It’ll save us both a ton of time on revisions.

I sporadically stream art on Twitch. If you don’t want me to stream your commission (don’t want your players to see it, etc), tell me. If we discuss changes or design details during a stream, please send a follow-up email. I’ll do my best to remember, but emails are a life-saver.

I purloined this rate-sheet format from SteveSketches. Steve is chill. Commission character art from him.