I'm Asher. I make stuff.

My current run of cards is called The Delvers' Deck of Dangers. It's a small (but growing!) collection of weapons, props, and artifacts that are tied together by soft-setting that's full of strange and dangerous things. Each of these cards is its own little bundle of flavor and world building, but they're setup in a way that makes them easy to drop into an existing campaign.

My aim is to build up the Delver's Deck into a full 54 cards by the end of 2021, which works out to roughly one card per week. I sporadically stream the art side of things on Twitch, and handle the balancing and revising side of things with the help of the wonderful people who hang out on my Discord server. It's a fun, messy, and collaborative experience.

My previous run of cards can be found in  The Archive. These cards are a crazy bunch, as they come from a ton of different campaigns and one-shots that I've ran over the years. You'll find some of my earliest card designs in there, as well as some truly fantastic (and horrifying) pieces of loot.

In addition to all of that, on top of doing commissions, I also make the occasional Blender tutorial, maintain a small pile of spaghetti that pretends to be a Blender add-on, and do a bit of game development.