The base stats on this line up just about 1:1 with a rare magic shield, which means it provides a baseline +2 AC bonus without being attuned and an additional +2 AC once you're vibing with it (when it's active). I bumped it up to Very Rare due to the Dodge augment, but you should take that rarity (and the utility of the augment) with a grain of salt.

There's a 0.25% chance to launch the wielder 50ft, which upgrades to a flat 5% when you attack with advantage. It turns people into living pinballs. You don't even need to make it a tough fight; all it takes is diverse terrain and a lucky roll. Giving someone the shield encourages them to use it in ways that are inherently risky. The odds of your player using it to create a Barbarian-propelled halfling rocket are roughly one-in-thirty. This shield cannot be used without someone getting yeeted.

May 18th: Template Update, Reduced Yeetage