I might have gone a bit overboard on the Teutonic themes for this one, but I'm also 100% on-board with the idea of turning templar-punk into an actual thing. So that might mean more Teutonic themes.

This weapon was a bundle of fun to make, as it packs a bunch of different worldbuilding threads into a single package. We have a dwarven artificer, an order of crusaders, and a city that's had a horrible run of luck. We have a set of flails that have been blessed and re-blessed so many times that nobody knows whose power is being called on when they're used, two churches that really wish they had better signage, a bunch of cenobitic unitarian monks who are surprisingly chill with outsourcing, and an apprentice artificer who really needs to work on his reading comprehension. Oh, and we have Julian. Julian has issues.

In contrast to all of that, the mechanics are dead simple: It's a Flame Tongue Longsword that doesn't glow, and the bonus damage is tied to how you swing it instead of speaking a command word. Add in the fact that it needs to be reset every six hits, and the end result is what I like to call a +0.75 almost-magic weapon. It does enough damage to feel like a serious boon for lower-lever characters, but it won't outpace actual magic-magic weapons like the actual Flame Tongue Longsword.

As a side note, this is the eighth card I've done in this particular series and it's been really cool to see them come together over the past two months. I'm liking the template changes I've made, I'm liking the color-coded subdecks, I'm liking the soft-setting concept, I'm liking the growing pile of background material. This paragraph doesn't really have a point to it; I just wanted to say that I think I've found my groove here, and that I'm truly looking forward to rounding out the set.

May 18th: Template Update