Look, sometimes the quest giver doesn't have a shiny sword forged by McGuffin Angels. Sometimes all they have is a crate full of garbage that jams when you look at it wrong, and you have to choose between cleaning that garbage with a toothbrush three times a day and rushing the BBEG with a melon baller.

At least, that's how the quest giver is going to frame it.

I always get a kick out of red cards. They usually end up being some anachronistic intersection of military cynicism and fantasy weirdness, and that's, like, my whole scene. I blame Tom Clancy.

The mechanics here are fairly simple. It's a discount lightsaber you can only turn off with a hammer, that explodes into chunks that taste better than your favorite crayon. Once the blade blows, it's down like a soft-serve machine — briefly, but just long enough to ruin your lunch.  There isn't any additional action-cost for activating it, or any intermediate durability mechanics, but you can graft that stuff on pretty easily if it fits your campaign.