The dice pool for the inertial redirector works similarly to hit dice. You drop the can, your DM decides how hard it hits the ground, and then you roll dice from the pool one-by-one until you either match/exceed that damage or you run out of dice. If your rolls exceed the damage, that excess is not added to the blast wave; the blast only deals damage equal to what it redirects. If your rolls fall short, the contents of the canister take the difference. Which can be either a Really Bad Thing or totally inconsequential, depending on what you've shoved inside it.

The card doesn't state how much damage the canister typically takes on impact because the second I jot down an 'official' average, someone will show up with a calculator and a degree in physics and proceed to outline some utterly insane high-G slingshot maneuver that would fling this poor resupply container hard enough to break the sound barrier.

Your players will either remove the drag chute in order to weaponize the can, or replace it with something three times the size so they can gently deliver baked goods to orphanages. They might even do both. Either way, you'll end up needing to figure out damage values for situations that I haven't thought of.

May 18th: Template Update